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Pasta Disipadora Calor, Pote 10 Grs. Conductividad 1.93W/m.k
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Pasta Disipadora Calor, Pote 10 Grs. Conductividad 1.93W/m.k

Precio por unidad (Pieza): $2.000

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10g Grey Heat Sink Silicone Compound Thermal Conductive Needle Grease Thermal PastesFor CPU GPU LED Cooling Compound Glue


1. Model: HY510-TU20Q

2. Name: Silver thermal paste 10g big needle full package label

3. Size: 2 * 17cm



1.High thermal conductivity

2.High temperature resistance

3.Low oil complex, non-volatile

4.Non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive


II. Detailed Description

1. This product is a good thermal conductivity and insulation

    of metal oxides and imported silicone composite,

    Has excellent thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity greater than 1.93W / (mk);

2. Excellent electrical insulation;

3. Wide temperature: Operating temperature -50 to 280 degrees;

4. Temperature quit, no flow of oil;

5. Non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly halogen-free,

   flame retardant grade can reach UL94V-0.

6. In the power LED, notebook and desktop computers, household appliances,

   electronic components,Electricians and other fields are used,

   excellent thermal performance, so your PC performance, on its head.